Thursday, 6 December 2012



The cold winds are blowing
the leaves are falling to the ground
soon the snow will be falling
and my heart will be crying
but why??
because you're not around.

Another day is passing
and still we're apart
I don't understand, I don't know
but the pain is deep in my soul
how do I explain this to my heart?

You said you'd be there when I need you
where the hell are you now?
in another woman's arms holding her tight?
I can hardly make it through the night
without crying your name out loud.

don't you know that not a second goes by
that you don't cross my mind?
it's hard to believe that you still care
when months go by without a word
I must be blind.

Blinded by a love I feel
for a man who will never be mine
tell me how to turn it off
show me how to kill this love
throw the switch so it will die.

I think I'm slowly losing my mind.
how can I forget you?
You're the one true love I've ever known.
the cold seeps into my bones
and my heart is turning blue.

My friends think I'm crazy
for caring so much
that I'd gladly risk everything
to be in your arms once again,
to feel the magic of your touch.

I know you're not Prince Charming
you're the closest thing I've ever seen 
and I love the way you care about me before
I just want you to be faithful in our relation
and once again my "sun" will shine
I'm sure you know what I mean.

I'm begging u
show me that you still care
warm my heart and our destiny
clear the fog from my head
prove that you'll always be there.

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  1. masih mengharap cinta lama? just tell him. :)
    dont too worry, who know the guy your mate :)
    just chill dear :)

    1. tenx eitcha..
      but I won't do that..
      perhaps it must be a boon from what has been happened..
      kadang2 melupakan lebih baik dari menunggu..