Monday, 19 March 2012


hOw dO yOu slEep ??

nothin' to doo... huhh..
got somethin' to share with u guys..
oraittt...todayyy... we're goin' to learn bout SLEEP n your IDENTITY...  :)
speaking?? oucchhhhh.... !

type 1 

if u sleep face down all night, u are likely to be narrow minded... U're probably SELF CENTERED n always FORCE people to comply with your own needs... ish ish ishhh... U're are also likely to be RECKLESS n DESULTORY. oucchhhh... really hate dizz.. is it u ??? plezz change!!!

type 2

wat a liberly loving-soul! well,... diz posture reveals your true identity...urmm.. comfort-lover and beauty-worshipper, u're also a real spendthrift ( but luckily u earn juz as much ) :D  your other undesirable trait is that u are a bit nosy n seem to enjoy gossipingg.. ( oppsss juz like mee..grrr )  welll, who did u mention in your tales lately?? :P

type 3

Diz posture indicates dat u're a confident person...U'll see success in whatever u undertake, owin' to your unrelentless endeavour... people who sleep on their right arm stretchin' over their head n lyin' on the  right side are said to be blessed with power and fortune..

type 4

u're inclined to be fussy, always whining and complaining... Nervousness is probably your second name.. u tense up easily n get overly excited over small matters.. Life isn't such a big deal.. Learn to relax.. ok?

type 5

selfishh , jealous and vindictive are words dat describe you... people around u got to be careful not to step on your toes as u are easily irritated... grrrrr...

type 6

u feel lonely and depressed b'coz u are obsessed wit your past failures n set backs... U're hesitant n indecisive, givin' others an impression dat love has been missing in your life.... :'(

type 7

anyone who sleeps cross-legged is said to be self-obsessed and finds difficulty in accepting changes.. Solitude is your priority.. :D yet, your redeemin' quality is your threshold for tolerance... aiiyaarkkkk...

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